I came home after an exhausting shift at the hospital and was greeted by a delicious meat lovers lasagna, Caesar salad and bread. It was perfectly seasoned, noodles were soft but not mushy (gf noodles can be mushy, but these were not) the ricotta was moist and delicious. Portions are generous enough to fill my husband up and he has hollow legs!! Thanks Tony and Lis!! ~ Jaime

Just had Pad Thai created by Chef Tony and Lisa Rinella from “What’s for Dinner NH”. The dish was delicately spiced with fresh ginger, fish sauce and other spices. Lots of thinly sliced vegetables, rice noodles and shrimp. The portions were generous, yet reasonable. Fresh food without preservatives and processed junk delivered to my door! Reasonably priced with no effort from me! We will absolutely order regularly! ~ Donna

Our whole family (and extra kiddo) gives What’s For Dinner a 5 rating! Super yummy and so nice to have a beautiful meal when everyone is moving I. Different directions. ~Rebecca

Highly recommend the BBQ pork & mac & cheese. Pork was tender & flavorful, mac & cheese was sweet with a little bit of heat. Proportions were plentiful. Can’t wait for next week’s delivery of gf lasagna & coconut curry shrimp ~Sarah

Excellent curried shrimp! I love that it was healthy and full of vegetables too while also being very tasty! ~Stephanie

Long overdue shout out for my cousin and her husband’s new business venture! What’s For Dinner? delivers fresh flavorful dinners right to your door step for you to heat up and serve at your convenience. Chef Tony Rinella has made me some of my favorite meals on many occasions, and if there is one thing my cousin Lisa Rinella and I have in common it’s our type A personalities and passion for organization! So, you KNOW what ever requests you throw her way she is going to get it right. What’s for Dinner prepared and delivered meals for me last week while Matt was out of town on business. It was wonderful to come home and not worry about how I was going to entertain the kids AND cook dinner. The icing on the cake was that the meals were A-MAZ-ING! You can and should check out their menus by visiting their website! You’ll thank me later. ~Beth

Congratulations on a great start to what I hope will be a flourishing business! It was wonderful to come home from work at 8:00 p.m. Monday night and have dinner ready after a few minutes.  The coconut curry shrimp was really was delicious and just the kind of food we usually eat.  The last few months have been so busy for my husband and myself that we’ve managed to eat our way through all the food in the freezer put aside for such times.  We were resorting to take out and pizza a couple of nights a week – something we’ve never done before.  How lucky for us we saw your posting in the Hartford list-serve. Gratefully ~ Linda

So pleased with this meal option for our busy family of 5! All items we have sampled so far have been tasty, freshly prepared, and restaurant quality. Portions and prices are reasonable, and both the item packaging and order packing (in the cooler left on our doorstep) have worked well. Nice service to have in the area! ~ Danielle

I’m hooked! We’ve been getting meals for two weeks now, and not only is the convenience of having them delivered to our home wonderful, the food has been tasty and fresh. I was worried that re-heating meals might effect the quality, but it has not at all. The haddock dish we had this last week was to die for! I think I could say it’s one of the best haddock dishes I’ve ever had. We are definitely going to be regular customers from now on. ~ Janet

This is a must try folks! My 18-month-old food critic gives two thumbs up, and her picky-eating mommy loves it too ? if you’ve been thinking about giving What’s for Dinner? a try, then I say *Do It, and you’ll be so happy you did!* My little family loves dinners from Lisa and Tony!~ Jodi

We ordered our first order today. My 9 year old son and I picked the Chicken Chowder. His first look: “Ooooh my God! This looks delicious!” Then he had not one, but 2 bowls. “This chowder is the BEST!” I haven’t had mine yet, but he then asked if there was enough for me to have some and for him to have another bowl. Guess that says it all! More on the stew and swordfish later, those were the daughter and husband’s picks. ~ Sarah J

Never been a big fan of stir fry– picked it this week because my husband loves it. Was pleasantly surprised! Best stir fry I’ve ever had!  ~ Stephanie

This is a great concept created by even better people. Our busy lives demand so much from us on a daily basis that we forget to take care of ourselves. What better way to ensure you and your family have a nutritious meal rather thank filling up on those empty calories and chemicals found in those convenience places.
For everyone in the Upper Valley this is a must see. Tony Rinella is an amazing Chef having been blessed with working in some great places. Together with Lisa Rinella these two are unstoppable for sure.

Guys, let me know when you start delivering to Boston. ~ Josh

You know what’s great??? We get home last night at like 8:30 after 2 baseball games and sitting on my doorstep is this cooler FILLED with an incredible dinner all ready!! It was so nice to be able to just heat it up and feed the fam! We ordered from “What’s for dinner”. We got the steak fajita’s and they were AH-MAZING! Everyone loved them and Garrett even took some for lunch today!! Thanks so much Lisa and Tony for providing such a great service to our community! We will definitely be ordering again!! ~ Jessica